$NVX on New Standard Token 2022

NovaDEX Is Considering to Build On Solana’s New Standard Token 2022

As the Solana blockchain continues to gain momentum and draw in developers with creative concepts, the demand for additional token functionality becomes increasingly evident. Solana has introduced a new token program called Token-2022. The motivation behind Token-2022 is that the existing Token Program on Solana, deployed in 2020, fulfills basic token needs but encounters challenges in adoption as developers fork it to incorporate additional functionality. To address this, Token-2022 was created, aiming to enhance features without disrupting users, wallets, or dApps, while ensuring existing token safety.

Now NovaDEX $NVX is considering utilize the new standard on new token 2022 to incorporate additional functionality and enhance features without disrupting users, wallets, or dApps, while ensuring existing token safety.

Lets dive deep to understand token standard 2022

Introduction: The Imperative for Token-2022

Solana’s Token Program, established in 2020, gained widespread adoption. To meet evolving needs in the expanding ecosystem, Solana introduced Token-2022. This superset enhances token functionality without disrupting the existing system, promoting widespread adoption while maintaining the safety and integrity of existing tokens

Understanding Token-2022 Program

The Token-2022 Program is a specialized implementation for fungible and non-fungible tokens on the Solana blockchain. It seamlessly integrates with the existing Token Program, easing the transition for developers. Currently undergoing audit, it is designated for testing and development purposes, with all Solana clusters equipped with the latest Token-2022 program for comprehensive testing and refinement.

Instructions, Mints and Accounts, Extensions

Token-2022, an evolution of the original Token Program, preserves compatibility through consistent byte representations of instructions. Developers can distinguish between Token and Token-2022 by altering the program_id. While Token Program encompasses 25 instructions, Token-2022 not only maintains them but introduces additional functionality at index 25. Account and mint structures remain akin, but Token-2022 integrates new fields via extensions, facilitating feature adoption. Extensions are pivotal, offering options like confidential transfers and interest-bearing tokens. Developers can selectively combine these extensions to tailor token functionality. Notably, Token-2022 streamlines associated token accounts, simplifying their creation and management for both programs and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Security Audits

As of April 3, 2023, the Token-2022 Program is currently undergoing several security audits to safeguard funds and validate the strength of the code. Solana prioritizes security and pledges to release the audit reports upon their completion. These audits are designed to instill confidence in developers and users regarding the dependability and integrity of Token-2022.


In conclusion, as NovaDEX contemplates building on Solana’s innovative Token-2022 standard, the evolution addresses the growing demand for enhanced token functionality without disrupting the existing ecosystem. Token-2022, currently undergoing rigorous security audits, demonstrates Solana’s commitment to ensuring a seamless and secure transition for developers, users, and dApps, marking a pivotal step forward in the blockchain’s evolution. Once it has proven more stability, we love utilize the new standard.

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