Solana Wallets

Before diving into NovaDEX, make sure you have a Solana Program Library (SPL) wallet to securely store your assets on the Solana blockchain and to engage with the NovaDEX Platform. Ensure that you've funded your wallet with SOL, as it's a necessary requirement for executing transactions on the Solana network. We recommend maintaining a minimum balance of 0.05 SOL in your wallet to prevent any transaction hiccups.

Web Wallets:

NovaDEX supports a variety of wallets, including the ones listed below๐Ÿ‘‡

Phantom offers a wallet and browser extension with a streamlined, user-friendly interface. NovaDEX highly suggests Phantom for new users and those that want a simple and straightforward wallet experience.

Solflare is another digital wallet that enables universal access to the Solana blockchain and its supported applications. Solflare offers both a browser extension wallet and a web-page based wallet, the latter being particularly handy to monitor transactions history.

Backpack is an intuitive next-generation browser extension allowing users to import SPL and ERC-20 addresses in the same wallet. Minting executable NFTs known as xNFT on Backpack allows users to access dApps natively in a single interface.

Mobile Wallets:

When accessing NovaDEX on your mobile device, you can initiate your journey by employing the Phantom or Solflare wallets, which are compatible with both IOS and Android platforms.

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