NovaDEX Testnet + Faucets

We’re thrilled to share that NovaDEX has officially launched its devnet on Solana , signaling the beginning of our journey into the Solana ecosystem.

Before you get started using NovaDEX, you’ll need to create a Solana wallet and switch to the Solana Devnet.

Currently NovaDEX is supporting multiple wallets, including the ones suggested below.👇

  1. Phantom - Provides a wallet and browser extension featuring an intuitive, user-friendly interface. NovaDEX strongly recommends Phantom for individuals new to the ecosystem and those seeking a user-friendly and uncomplicated wallet experience.

  2. Solflare: Is an additional digital wallet facilitating universal entry to the Solana blockchain and its applications, presenting a browser extension and web-based wallet.

How to get test sol from faucets

In order to perform transactions on the NovaDEX testnet, you will require $Sol devnet tokens. You can acquire $Sol devnet tokens for the NovaDEX test network from

After pasting your address click on “Devnet” and $Sol tokens will be airdropped into your wallet

Note: To turn on the Testnet mode, go to Phantom wallet> Settings > Developer settings > Select “Solana Devenet”

Here we go, you are all set now!!

Lets start interacting with NovaDEX Testnet

Step 1: Visit and connect your wallet.

Step 2: Select $Sol and $Test tokens and click on “Swap”

Note: Please enter smaller amounts for transaction (For eg 0.0001 $Sol) to avoid liquidity error.

Step 3: Confirm transaction in your wallet

2. Via Solflare wallet

  1. Click on and add the wallet to your chrome browser

2. After setting up your wallet, click on settings icon on top right corner

3. Click on the network drop down menu and select “Devnet”

4. Now copy your wallet address and request faucet from

5. Paste wallet address and Tap on “Devnet” button to receive devnet $sol into your wallet

~ It can take upto 10 minutes to show $Sol in your wallet

Now, you’re ready to engage with NovaDEX Testnet. Connect your Solflare wallet and proceed with the following steps.

Step 1: Visit and connect your wallet.

Step 2: Select $Sol and $Test tokens and click on “Swap”

Step 3: Confirm transaction in your wallet

And that’s it! You’ve successfully tested NovaDEX on the Solana Devnet. Feel free to share your feedback in our discord.

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